‘Medicinal mushrooms are not a medicine but nutritional supplements that might enhance the corresponding medical treatment of the diagnosed illness.’

~Juan C. Mirre Gavalda
Catalina Fernández de Ana Portela

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Mushrooms in Jar

Mushrooms are a great addition to the diet, being low in calories and fat content and high in vegetable protein. You can buy them fresh, in jars, in sealed bags, or dried. But it is important to buy organic. Adding mushrooms to your daily diet is a great source of amino acids too.

Yet mushrooms are now being intensively researched for their ability to strengthen the immune system, to work in synergy with the body to promote health and also to enable us to overcome illness. While the Chinese have known of and used mushrooms for improving many conditions for thousands of years, the West is now using science to understand the properties and the ways mushrooms can help us.

At Hifas da Terra the research is going further, looking into Sports fitness and nutrition , and how to help the environment recover effectively from toxins.

Tanya receives ongoing training and has access to all of the newest research into medicinal mushrooms through Hifas Da Terra, and conducts and takes part in webinars, as well as visiting the facility in Spain.

Mushrooms cooked
Mushroom Lab

Can Mushrooms Save the World?


It might seem like a crazy question, but there is growing evidence that mushrooms can do some amazing things for us and our planet. Here are a few:

Environmental cleanup 

Mushrooms could be used to break down petrochemicals or absorb radiation from contaminated soil and water.

Wastewater filtration 

Mushroom mycelia could cleanse runoff from storm drains, farms or logging roads. They could be used to filter out the nitrates, endocrine disrupters and pharmaceutical residues that disrupt ecosystems and damage human health


Mushrooms could provide new antibiotic, antiviral and immune-boosting compounds.

Forestry and Agriculture

Planting symbiotic mushroom species could speed reforestation in clear-cut woodlands.

Adding mycorrhizal fungi to soil could improve crop yields without the need for toxic chemical fertilizers.

Famine relief 

Mushrooms could be grown rapidly in refugee camps and disaster zones, using just wood chips or saltwater-soaked straw.


Growing mushrooms for biodiesel could require far less soil and other resources than commonly cultivated fuel crops.

* Information obtained from Discover Magazine

Mushrooms in Sport

runners feet

There is more and more evidence that mushroom supplements are great for athletes. This is what Bicycling has to say.

‘Take, for instance, an Italian study involving seven amateur cyclists, which found that three months of consuming fungal supplements, including cordyceps, tamed exercise-induced oxidative stress, which the study authors speculate could help athletes better adapt to the rigors of strenuous training. And one investigation in the Journal of Dietary Supplements showed that individuals who consumed 4 grams a day of a medicinal mushroom blend for a three-week period experienced improvements in fitness metrics such as VO2 max during a cycling test.’

cycling mushroom supplement

Cordy-Sin Sport is the ideal ecological complement for situations that require an increase in energy -as endorsed by several scientific studies performed in athletes-, since it helps increase the production ofmetabolic energy (ATP), increasing the muscular power and reducing the time of muscular recovery after exercise, favouring the elimination of lactic acid.

Best Mushroom Supplements For Athletes according to thesportsdaily.com

There is a wide variety of mushrooms that have a plethora of health benefits for one and all. Amongst them, there are a few medicinal mushrooms that are especially great for athletes in particular. These include: 

Cordyceps: Extensive research on sports performance and nutrition has shown that this mushroom supplement is greatly beneficial for athletes. This mushroom supplement has an incremental effect on the oxygenation rate of blood. This will help you feel more energetic. This in turn will improve your endurance. You can consume this in the form of a capsule. 

Reishi: This mushroom is the most popular natural supplement amongst other mushroom supplements. This mushroom is great for increasing your physical strength. It can also help your muscles recover more effectively. The anti-fatigue effect of this supplement is also well-known and validated. 

Agaricus: This is another natural non-doping substance great for athletes. This mushroom supplement will help you feel mentally invigorated and physically energized. This supplement may be consumed as a capsule. This is great for your stamina.

mushrooms for sport

The science

Mushrooms are part of the Fungi kingdom, fascinating organisms that have survived by evolving and adapting to ever-changing scenarios. It is estimated that there are 1.5 million species of fungi in the world. Of these, only 100,000 have been named and we barely know about a hundred in depth. They are an intelligent and adaptable kingdom that has built a chemical cloak of protection over the millennia of years they have survived on Earth.

Fungi have built an underground web-like connection with its branching threads, referred to as ‘the internet of nature’, creating a superhighway of information sharing membranes that enables the flow of essential nutrients and communication around the eco-system.

Science also owes much to fungi with the discovery of Penicillin and its antibiotic properties that have changed the course of modern medicine.

_Life Cycle of a Mushroom (1)

Modern science has discovered many health-promoting qualities in mushrooms, including:

  • lipid-lowering
  • immunomodulatory
  • anti-tumour
  • anti-oxidant
  • anti-viral
  • anti-bacterial
  • anti-parasitic
  • hepatoprotective
  • anti-diabetic and more.
Mushrooms and people (1)

The image shows ten of the most common types of mushrooms used to make health boosting supplements. The lines point to the areas of the body these mushrooms help.

  • Reishi: Antioxidant, Sleep disorders, Anti stress, Anti inflammatory.
  • Coprinus: Glycemic control.
  • Polyporus: Fluid retention, Detoxing, Respiratory problems.
  • Maitake: Weight control, Metabolic syndrome, Triglycerides, Hypertension.
  • Cordyceps: Tiredness and fatigue, Libido, Antiviral.
  • Pleurotus: Prebiotic
  • Coriolus: Antiviral
  • Royal Sun Agaricus: Immune regulation, Infections, Allergies.
  • Shiitake: Cardiovascular health, Cholestorol.
  • Lion’s Mane: Memory loss, Cognitive Support, Digestive disorders, Prebiotic.

In the last 30 years, thousands of scientific articles have been published and multiple trials support the broad clinical application of their ingredients.

Mycotherapy focuses on the research and development of mushrooms as nutritional supplements for the maintenance and improvement of both human and animal health.

The term was created in 2006 by the scientific team at Hifas da Terra, to refer to therapy using mushrooms.

Tanya has trained at Hifas da Terra in Spain as a Mycotherapist.

Hifas da Terra is committed to health and wellbeing through the continuing research of Mycotherapy and the innovative development of high-quality supplements for the nutritional support of pathologies and imbalances.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. Survives the one that most adapts to change.”

~Charles Darwin

This quote by Charles Darwin could easily be used to describe fungi, an organism that is neither plant, nor animal, but one of the oldest living organisms on our planet.

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