mico onco 2.0

The new Mico Onco 2.0 is a natural symbiotic adjuvant: it contains prebiotics from medicinal mushrooms in nano-emulsion (liquid formulation) and probiotics in capsules.

Mico Blue Solution

Nature’s Blue Pill: The Ultimate Luxury of Power from Cordyceps

Tanya with Mushrooms

Meet The Mushroom lady

tanya clarke

Tanya also supports me with supplements and mushroom supplements, I call her the Mushroom Lady. Tanya is way ahead of her time and I have felt the benefits of all of her protocols.

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The gut – cleanse – hormones programme aims to get your gastrointestinal system functioning at its very best with added liver support for cleansing & hormonal balancing.

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Mushrooms and Noodles
Mushrooms in Jar
Mushrooms in Jar

“I’m feeling really good about my new eating lifestyle, my goal is to be able to eat the things you post on your Instagram page lol the food looks delicious.”

Hifas da Terra (HdT) is a biotechnology centre focused on research and innovation with a high degree of specialisation in the development of nutraceuticals from medicinal mushrooms.


Hifas Quality System is an exclusive Hifas da Terra system that was elaborated due to the need to combine the advances and latest technologies developed by our R&D department with the strict quality requirements set by our quality department.

Its aim is to guarantee the quality, safety and efficacy of our products.

Since 1998 we have developed more than 30 R&D&I projects in the field of health and wellbeing. We collaborate with research centres, hospitals and universities to validate the applications of medicinal mushrooms in health.

Tanya’s interest in medicinal mushrooms began with her mother’s diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. 

She soon found her self researching medicinal mushrooms and learning about the research being carried out by Hifas da Terra in Spain.

After several discussions and sharing of research papers, her mother’s oncologists approved medicinal mushrooms to be taken alongside her chemotherapy and radiotherapy protocols.

She managed to live for 7 years.

Tanya has continued training updates and support from Hifas Da Terra.

Medicinal mushrooms are a nutritional supplement that may help normal medical treatments in their effectiveness.

cycling mushroom supplement

Cordy-Sin Sport is the ideal ecological complement for situations that require an increase in energy – as endorsed by several scientific studies performed in athletes –  since it helps increase the production of metabolic energy (ATP), increasing the muscular power and reducing the time of muscular recovery after exercise, favouring the elimination of lactic acid.

This is a NO DOPING formula.

Medicinal mushrroms

New and surprising discoveries are being made every day in relation to the organisms commonly called mushrooms. Most trees and plants cannot survive without them.  They protect plant life from countless diseases and prolong life.

Healthy diets should include a high proportion of vegetable protein. Mushrooms are a great source of this, and also contain essential amino acids.

Mico-Soap Luxurious Antiox

There are many different supplements available in the shop. All are produced to the highest organic standards by Hifa Da Terra.

Some are only available under Tanya’s supervision as they are for specific medical conditions. Book your free call to talk to Tanya.

There is also a great skincare range just waiting to be discovered!


One of the things I love about Tanya is that even though she is a nutritionist she has a holistic approach. Tanya supports me in all areas of health not just nutrition, such as sleep, breath work, journaling, sauna, body brushing etc. This is helping reduce my toxic overload and calm my system. Another thing that makes Tanya special is that she recognises and supports the individuality of everyone, that there is not the one best approach that suits all. She works very closely with me to find what works best for me!


Mushroom news, products and tips from the Mushroom Lady!

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